When you need a septic service or septic information, turn to us for exceptional service.


  • When buying or selling a home hiring a company to inspect your septic is super
  • important. Knowing who to hire and what they do can make the process helpful.
  • With every septic system being slightly different there are many different ways to
  • approach it. We take the simple but informative approach. Below is a slight
  • example of our process and what we check:
  • Septic as-builts and previous information on file with the local health departments
  • Septic tank opened and components checked

    • Risers
    • Baffles
    • Type and condition of the septic tank
    • Some tanks will need to be pumped (pumping is needed to remove the solids)

  • Checking the condition and flow rate of the pipes entering and leaving the septic tank
  • Digging or video inspecting the leach fields

    • Type of leach fields
    • Type and condition of the pipe in the leach fields
    • Current ponding levels in the leach fields

      • This should be checked by probing the leach fields and o checking inside of a structure if applicable. Staining and ponding levels in pipes does not always tell the current or past levels in a septic system (this is one of the most important step in knowing the current life of a system)

  • Documenting everything inspected
  • Drawing an as built of the system with measurements to the key components
  • Taking pictures of the important components or repairs needed


Once the inspection is completed we make sure that all the information we find is passed on to you with an informative explanation on what is there, how it's working, what it needs, and how to properly use it in the future. The inspection is completed with a detailed but easy to understand report that is emailed to you that same day.