Why Is Septic Pumping So Important?

Residents of Ellington, Tolland, and the surrounding areas rely on us to keep their septic tanks working properly

The septic pros at Drainage Experts, LLC recommend having your septic system pumped every two to five years. Septic pumping is to plumbing what oil changes are to cars. Regular and frequent maintenance ensures proper performance and prolongs the life of your system. If you live in Tolland County, Windham County, or the surrounding areas you can rely on us to keep your septic system working properly.

How often a septic tank should be pumped depends on the amount of sludge and scum buildup inside the tank. Septic systems work by using the natural power of gravity to separate out the household wastewater into three parts:

  • Grease (scum) at the top of the tank
  • Watery mix (effluent) in the middle of the tank
  • Solids (sludge) at the bottom of the tank

During normal operations, the sludge and the scum remain in the septic tank while the watery mix flows out into the drain field. However, the sludge and scum need to be periodically cleaned from the septic tank to keep things flowing smoothly.

If the sludge rises to excessive levels or the scum level develops to a large thickness, then the sludge or scum will be forced out into the drain field along with the watery effluent. Forcing solids and grease through the leach field can clog the system and lead to premature failure and wastewater backup in your home.

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What's included in routine septic pumping?

When you hire us for professional septic pumping services, we'll take care of absolutely everything for you. Our pros will:

  • Determine the size and type of septic tank and its depth below the surface
  • Inspect all components of the septic tank (including the baffles, compartment walls and filters) to ensure they're working correctly
  • Measure the liquid level, air space and amount of solid buildup
  • Check the structural integrity of the tank
  • Remove all liquids and solids from the tank
  • Fill out a septic pumping report, which includes descriptions of the condition of all components, as well as measurements and pictures of the septic tank to use for future reference
  • Inform you of your next service date based on the level of solid accumulation and any other important factors uncovered by the technician

Once we've completed our septic pumping services, we will ensure you're informed of the current condition of your septic system.  Call today to schedule an appointment.

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