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Yard Drainage

  • French Drain
    • A french drain is a traditional pipe and stone drain with stone exposed at the ground surface. It is designed to catch surface water flow from a higher area and redirect it away from areas we don't want it. A French drain is typically used at the base of a slope.
  • Curtain Drain
    • A curtain drain is also a traditional pipe and stone drain, but the stone is then covered with fabric and soil It is designed to catch water flowing through the soil. Traditionally used in areas with high water tables to keep ground water from flowing through the soil toward foundations, septic systems, pools, walls, etc.
  • Yard Drain
    • A yard drain is a basin that has a slotted cover to surface. The basin then has a pipe leading to a lower area for the water collected to run off. Yard drains are utilized in areas of the yard where water is collected. They can also be utilized in conjunction with any other drain as a collection and cleanout area.
  • Downspout drains
    • Downspout drains are pipes to collect water coming from your roof and drain the water farther away from your foundation. Gutters are an integral part of your home's drainage system, but to take all the water from your roof and dump it right next to your foundation is asking for a problem. Downspout drains help carry that water from your roof to a safe area in your yard where the water can properly drain.
  • Grading
    • When a yard has puddling of areas and of wet spots it is often due to grading. Proper grading around a house and in a yard is crucial. Making sure the soil around your foundation is properly pitched and graded away from the house can help keep water from increasing hydraulic pressure on the foundation which results in leaks. Grading to eliminate low spots and stop water from flowing directly toward the house is imperative. Oftentimes a swale will be created to direct surface water away from certain areas. A swale is when the soil is graded in somewhat of a "V" shape to where the water can flow. They can either be grass covered, or lined with stone to prevent erosion.

Every yard and home is different and require site-specific solutions. What may solve drainage issues in one yard or home may not do anything in the yard next door. Our approach is a simple approach. Water is slippery and lazy. We always try to create solutions that redirect water creating dry usable yards and non leaking/flooding homes. Let's work together to find a solution that fits your budget and solve your problem.